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General Lighting



What kinds of energy-efficient lighting are available?

There are many different lighting technologies available. Due to global energy crisis, climate change, and a variety of other factors, energy-efficient lighting alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. Below is a table that provides a comparison between energy-efficient Greenlite lighting technologies:


What is a lumen?

A lumen is a measurement of light output contained in a certain area. The technical definition of a lumen is one candela multiplied by one steradian. A simpler definition is that a lumen is a unit of light output and is similar to what horsepower is for an engine - the higher the lumens, the brighter the light source. Lumens are the most accurate way to measure the amount of light a bulb is emitting because lumens are a direct measurement of light output. 


What is a watt?

A watt is a unit of energy consumption. Wattage does not correlate to the amount of light output of a bulb or fixture; it is only a measure of the energy consumed by that item. 


How do I pick a Greenlite product that produces the same amount of light that I am used to?

New federal standards have made it easier for consumers to find an energy efficient alternative to produce the same amount of light they are used to. Greenlite packaging now clearly displays the amount of lumens each bulb produces. 


What is ENERGY STAR® and why are many Greenlite light bulbs ENERGY STAR labeled?

ENERGY STAR® is a voluntary partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, product manufacturers, local utilities, and retailers. Partners endorse energy efficient products by labeling them with the ENERGY STAR logo and helping consumers understand the benefits of energy efficient products. ENERGY STAR-labeled products consume less energy than other products, save money on utility bills, and aid in protecting the environment,

Many CFLs and LEDs are ENERGY STAR labeled as they provide energy-efficient alternatives to standard lighting technologies. You can find out more about ENERGY STAR lighting products by visiting the Energy Star Website.

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