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What is an LED?

An LED, light emitting diode, is a semiconductor diode light source that emits light when a voltage is applied to it. As the newest technology, LEDs offer a very long service life and high energy efficiency. LEDs have no moving parts, create little to no heat, and are rapidly improving and becoming increasingly viable for many general lighting applications. 


What are the benefits of LED lighting?

As the newest technology in the marketplace, LEDs are highly advanced and very advantageous. LEDs produce light when small semiconductors are energized as opposed to when filaments or cathodes heat up or move. Due to this fact, LEDs are significantly more efficient, do not create heat, have no moving parts, and therefore have longer lifetimes. Greenlite LEDs are all also fully dimmable. 


How long will LEDs last?

The lifetime of LED lights is derived differently than traditional lighting products. For incandescent, fluorescent, CFL and other technologies, the lifetime is the point in time at which 50% of units fail completely. In terms of LEDs, lifetimes are given by L70 values, or the point in time at which the fixture or bulb will produce 70 percent of the light it produced when new. Please consult the chart below illustrates what typical L70 lifetimes of LED products would equate to in years of operation while running at various hours/day, 365 days/year.


Where should I use an LED?

LEDs can be used in residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. Greenlite provides premium LEDs in a variety of wattages, shapes, sizes and colors to replace every incandescent or halogen bulb. LEDs are particularly practical for use in areas where light bulbs are on for many hours to reduce your energy consumption and thereby energy bill drastically. Greenlite LEDs are also all fully dimmable and are therefore ideal for dimmable applications. Additionally, LEDs are especially great for hard-to-reach areas as they rarely have to be replaced due to extremely long lives. 


Are these ok to use with dimmers, timers, or sensors?

All of Greenlite’s LED products are fully dimmable and compatible with timers and sensors.

Please consult our LED Dimmer Compatability Chart for information: www.greenliteusa.com/LED-compatibility.html.


Can LEDs be used outside?

LEDs can operate outdoors as long as they are used in UL approved fixture that keeps direct rain or snow from coming in contact with the bulb.


How should I dispose of an LED when it burns out?

LEDs can be disposed of just as any other electronic device.


Is there any Mercury in an LED?

LEDs are mercury free and are ROHS compliant. 


Which beam angle best suits your needs?

Green reflector LEDs are available in two beam angles:

  • 25 degree narrow flood: Slightly wide view of objects below
  • 40 degree flood: For illuminating very large surfaces areas

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